Maple Bookcases

All our Maple Bookcases and CD/Media Shelves are built from the same quality combination of ¾” thick maple plywood, solid eastern maple lumber and ¼” thick maple plywood backing. They are all finished with the same durable clear acrylic finish.

All our Bookcases and Shelves are hand built in our Seattle, WA wood shop using the best woodworking methods. They are strong, durable and beautiful, built to give functional pleasure over decades of use.

The cases are built with the ¾” maple plywood, using dado joints where the members fit into each other and then are both nailed and glued for permanent connection.

For the Standard and CD/Media styles the cases are trimmed in ½” x ¾” solid eastern maple lumber that is both glued and nailed to form a strong bond.

For the New Style cases the legs are vertical pieces of solid eastern maple lumber the length of the case, forming a frame for the entire case. The shelves and tops are trimmed with ¾” x ¾” solid maple.

With all styles the backing is a very sturdy ¼” thick Maple plywood, chosen to add strength to the case, especially during shipping. The backing is hand nailed in place; there are no staples or cheap connectors.

The adjustable shelves are held by brass shelf pins that fit into holes drilled into the insides of the case.

The Clear Acrylic finish is hand brushed and hand buffed in two coats to give the Maple wood the perfect final touch, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood and adding an extremely durable finish.

Even the packaging is heavy duty, and all materials used can be recycled.