10 shelves - 9 adjustable and 1 fixed at 40\" for strength gives 11 rows of 54 cd\'s (594 total) or 176 VHS tapes or 288 DVD\'s - also perfect for paperback books

Includes Shipping

5 1/2" Shelf Depth

3/4" Maple Plywood - Solid real maple trim

1/4" Maple Plywood Backing

Clear Acrylic Finish

Comes fully assembled - Just place your shelves where you want them to go.

Case and shelves built right with Dado joints, nail and glue construction

solid 1/2x3/4 maple trim nailed & glued

Backing is nailed not stapled

Package size 75x26x7 Approximately 60lbs.

This case ships UPS or SECO Worldwide - All packaging recyclable

Availability - ships within 4 weeks of order

Arrives within 7 days of shipping, approximately 5 weeks to your door

Brass shelf pins